Summary for English speaking investors


“Art & Capital“ is a company, which  promotes and supports international investors in Germany. Germany offers various potentialities and is known as a secure place for investments.


Real Estate

“Art and Capital” is an agency for commercial as well as residential property throughout Germany. Our core focus in real estate is Berlin, but also Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Dresden, and Munich. Berlin is a particular place of interest as real estate prices are the lowest in Germany but realized rents are equivalent to the ones in other German cities.

We are also happy to support you when it comes to financing.


Venture capital investments

Furthermore, venture capital in German companies is an interesting business for many international institutional and retail investors. We focus on companies whose products are close to series production, health insurance licensing, or patenting. The sales of the last three companies to major corporations resulted in returns of 38.67% for our investors. Rating agencies rated us with a safety of 99.8%.


Securities Deposit Account

You wish to secure your money by investing in bonds or stocks and profit from attractive return rates. We are pleased to open a deposit for your funds and to provide investment recommendations.



You also have the possibility to secure your assets’ purchasing power by investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium. You save country-specific taxes by using tax-free storing in Switzerland.



Additionally, we can establish or extend your art collection by connecting you with internationally recognized artists, obtaining, cataloging, and valuing art objects, or by submitting proposals from artists where performance increase is expected.


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